6 reasons to build your CRM with Cubics BMS

Today, CRM is used almost everywhere. Entrepreneurs consider various ERP solutions and decide to automate the business processes starting from CRM - Customer relationship management as this module is the key to organize and control the relations with customers, clients and partners.

In this article we are going to look at 10 reasons to choose Cubics BMS solution for CRM automation.

1. Ultrafast adding

You may build your customer data by adding any information you need: from full name to source of the customer’s touch. And it is not the limit. You may also add custom fields in order to collect specific data of your customer.

2. Editing is so easy

We live in dynamic world where people love to change their workplaces or phone numbers like almost every month. To keep your data up to date you can easily change any information about your customer. You can also delete specific data or even whole customer line from your database. And it all happens in just a few clicks.

3. Like import like export

If you already have client database you can easily import it from “xlsx” or “csv” file in a few seconds. This will save you a lot of time as the data is not entered manually. If you want to extract your customer list and use it as for another service you may export the data as “xlsx”, “csv”, “json”, “pdf” file.

4. Supercharged search tool

Of course, we are talking about search tool. This is the major part of CRM data collection as the finding the relevant information in a short period of time can help your save a lot of time and close important deals.

The search is available by any criteria and both for phrase or category. This tool also gives you advanced audience filtration so you can create segments for specific business goals.

5. A remarkably comfortable Template Search

Cubics BMS is a unique system creating upon customer’s requests but Template Search feature was built-in to this ERP software from the beginning. Imagine you do not want to extract the data from your customer list but you often check the indicators of specific customer segment. This is why Template Search tool exists. By selecting saved search parameters, you get the information you are looking for in a just one click.

6. Just-right impressions

Data itself cannot pass the information about the customer’s real personality. That’s why Cubics BMS allows you to add any kind of unlimited notes to customer’s information. This will help the whole engaged team to see the history of partnership, to learn the person’s preferences and etc.

Will Cubics BMS power your relations with customers?

Yes, definitely yes. The reasons above are just the standard advantages of Cubics BMS upon other ERP software programs but as this solution is totally customizable, the creation of CRM is happening on requests of business. That means the whole interface and all operations can be built in a way that suits every company.

For more information: https://www.cubics.technology/bms/en/