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Meet Leila.

Leila is self-employed and she owns a clothing store. Although her store has a lot of high-quality and advantageous products, only the visitors of her store have information about it. Leila also can’t control internal business processes.

Business and social media

To attract new customers, Leila creates pages on social media platforms and starts advertising. However, new customers still are not able to see the product catalog and their requests is often remain ignored. In addition, the overall costs, sales and delivery processes are not controlled at all.

Cubics Brands is a savior

With Cubics Brands, Leila transforms the physical store into an e-shop. This business solution allows Leila to:

  • Increase sales

  • Become the owner of personal the e-shop

  • Start selling online

  • Run ad campaigns both on social media and other digital platforms

  • Create an opportunity for customers to view the entire range of products and make a choice with confidence

  • Keep all business processes under control

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